How Responsive Web Design and Development Affects Your SEO Ranking


Responsive web design is a must for a website to win over the audience and becoming a status quo for every website because of its fast speed, impressive design, and powerful functionalities.

Google has too started rewarding websites that are mobile-friendly over ones that were not. But before highlighting the benefits of having a responsive website, we will start from the basic understanding of, what is a responsive website?

A responsive web design can be easily adjusted for different-sized screens and viewports especially ideal for mobile viewing. It means that anyone can browse your website from any device and it will still look and function perfectly. Let’s go through the multiple benefits of having a Responsive Web Design.

It Enhances User Experience

Everyone wants their visitors to like their site and convince them to come back. Suppose, anyone visits your website through a mobile device, and it is taking a huge time to get load because of the improper resolution, it can make your website look unprofessional. With a responsive design, you get a better user experience in terms of zooming, scrolling, content viewing, and the overall impression for your visitors. When you hire a website design company in India, make sure they provide a responsive web design service.

It Creates a great Impact on Google Ranking

Google prefers giving preferences to mobile-friendly websites. When your website is not responsive, it will automatically be placed lower in the search engine results. Hence, having a responsive design can give you a big boost in search engine results.

 It Optimized Your Online Traffic:

The majority of the global web traffic comes from mobile devices which shows how increasingly it is vital to have a website that is responsive and renders properly on all mobile devices. This will help you to increase your website visitors and the duration they spend on your website.

It is Cost-Effective:

By using responsive design, you can eliminate the cost of paying for a mobile site and will only need to invest in a single site design to appeal to all visitors and all devices. It also offers you a lower maintenance cost.

 It can be Easily Maintained

Smaller businesses don’t have much time to update their website looks and handle every aspect of the website but having a responsive design enables you to make the changes easily.


Digital Pilots (Former Cheap SEO Company India) as the best digital marketing agency in India insists that all small businesses should invest in responsive web design. Responsive design is key to keeping up ahead of your competitors and establishing market share.

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