How To Boost Your Business’s SERP Rankings

How To Boost Your Business's SERP Rankings with SERPMATIX

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something for many that feels like that unknown. You hear the word constantly but what it means and whether yours qualifies as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is that mystery to the masses.

It can be a daunting task at the face of it, it’s that rabbit hole that the further you dive into, the more you realise there is to do. What seemed like a mild task, to begin with, is now a massive project.

And that is exactly what it should be.

That is why so many businesses outsource their work to an SEO agency in Jaipur, for example, because it is no small task and requires constant monitoring and fixtures.

But when you have the knowledge and experience of a solid agency behind you, investing in your SEO is a worthwhile venture because it has long-lasting positive benefits. So for those businesses that are wanting to build their ranking and become more visible to their customers, here are a few tips on building your search engine ranking.

Keyword Research

When starting your SEO ranking, we have to begin with the basics and build from there.

Keyword research is an essential first step for the structure of building your SEO, your keywords should be embedded throughout your website and when creating content these keywords should be your focus.

Remember that each page of your website should have page-specific keywords. This is where many people falter in their keywords and how the task can seem far bigger than originally thought.

If you have multiple pages all using the same keywords, you run the risk of keyword cannibalisation. This is where you end up competing with your own pages for these top spots on Google and often negatively affecting your performance.

An experienced SEO agency can be vital for this work as they are well-versed in creating a holistic SEO strategy for your website, ensuring that all copy and keywords reflect the needs of each page, all while staying relevant to the overall product/service.

Focus On What You Want To Rank For

Speaking of staying relevant, successful SEO requires you to target keywords that are genuinely relevant to you.

There is a fine balance between finding a keyword that is relevant and having a genuinely good volume but it isn’t too hard to distinguish.

Any experienced SEO agency in Jaipur, like ours, would be beneficial to have to help your business decipher between the two and find that strong balance to place you in good stead to succeed.

When it comes to choosing your keywords, your thought process should always be this…

If people were searching for that keyword, would your service or product be of interest to them? Would they click through, and convert?

If the answer is no, then be sure to avoid using that keyword as your page will have a high bounce rate and be deemed irrelevant. You might even find yourself dropping places because of poor user experience on your site.

Utilise Metadata

Metadata is one of those incredibly useful tools that few businesses utilise properly. It will support you in not only ranking higher and becoming more visible but also by giving your customers insight and encouraging them to view your website pages.

Meta titles and descriptions are a great way for people to almost window shop online and see what the rest of your site has to offer. Taking advantage of the experience of a local SEO agency is a great way to build your visibility with your metadata.

Utilising what your agency knows and adhering to best practices will avoid that trial and error stage of testing because they have a multitude of clients for whom they have perfected metadata.


Backlinks or off-page SEO is another underutilised tool that not only builds up your ranking but is also a great way of instilling trust with customers and expanding your base.

Having your website feature across a multitude of other trusted sites almost provides a recommendation from those sites and allows you to hit demographics you might have otherwise struggled to get in front of.

However, backlinks can be a double-edged sword as they require constant review and monitoring. A low-quality backlink can be just as detrimental to your SEO strategy as a high-quality one can be beneficial.

You will find your website appearing on low-quality scoring websites if not culled regularly which can lead to a reduction in your quality score, as well as a bad customer experience – something you want to avoid at all costs.


Overall, there are several ways to boost your search engine ranking but the most important thing across all of these techniques is ensuring that they are done properly and to a high standard so you have a strong foundation to build from.

This is why it is worth investing in an SEO agency in Jaipur, like us at SERPMATIX, that will provide you with industry insights, experience, and best practices whilst still keeping your strategy unique to your service/product, helping you reach all your potential customers.