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Change is permanent in the world of SEO! Google implements a new algorithm to provide better search results. An SEO Analysis & Audit Report of your website is important to know how well your website is performing and what should be done to improve it further. When the analysis job is done by a technical SEO auditor, the advantages are plenty, which includes SEO recommendation to improve Google rankings in search results and how you can optimize a website that performs great on all platforms and increased organic traffic & revenues.

You can now find the best SEO audit services to get your website in the best possible shape by fixing any optimization errors. Simply choose Digital Pilots to get an extensive SEO audit done, which includes a 250-pointer technical SEO checklist for your website.

Our qualified SEO Expert will audit your website’s structure and design to ensure Google is not limiting your organic ranking. The audits help you stay ahead irrespective of changes in search engine algorithms.


How Your Website Is Performing?

    Why Choose Digital Pilots as SEO Audit Service Provider

    Struggling to improve organic traffic figures for your website? We at Infidigit can help you conduct a complete SEO Audit of your site to boost organic traffic. Our SEO Audit Services would include a checklist of 200 pointers and a detailed SEO Audit Report.

    Though our SEO Audit Service is customised based on your industry, here are some of the major aspects we cover while doing SEO Audit:

    • Technical SEO Audit
    • On-Page SEO Audit
    • Off-Page SEO Audit
    • Architecture and Code Review
    • Content SEO Audit

    Factors Considered While Conducting Website Audits

    SEO audit is done to analyse the performance of a website in comparison with the best practices. The purpose is to find out the issues which may affect the performance of the organic search.

    Digital Pilots Competitor Research Audit
    1. Competitor Research Audit

    Competitor Analysis helps us to understand SEO practices of your competitor

    Digital Pilots Architecture Audit
    2. Architecture Audit

    Through an in-depth architecture audit, we discover the underlying potential of your website.

    3. Technical Website Audit

    We audit the technical pointers such as sitemap, robots.txt, crawl performance

    Digital Pilots On-Page Optimization Audit
    4. On-Page Optimization Audit

    On-Page audit includes URL structure, headers, title & meta tags and many more.

    Digital Pilots Content Quality Audit
    5. Content Quality Audit

    We audit the content present on your website and provide suggestions

    Digital Pilots Site Speed Audit
    6. Site Speed Audit

    Site speed is now on of the essential Google ranking factor

    Digital Pilots User Experience Audit
    7. User Experience Audit

    User Experience is an essential audit to understand the loop holes on webpage

    Digital Pilots Image and Video Optimization Audit
    8. Image and Video Optimization Audit

    Optimized image & video reduces page load time and ranks on SERPs

    Digital Pilots Off-Page Optimization Audit
    9. Off-Page Optimization Audit

    We audit your off page activities and provide suggestions to avoid any Google penalty.