Best Simple High ROI SEO Tactics In 2019

SEO is changing constantly so it’s really difficult to understand what is best. We only talk about ROI from Google Ads or Facebook campaigns but we tend to skip SEO in this process. As a top SEO company in India, it’s really necessary to understand those tricks and tactics which can boost your business ROI through SEO. SEO is a key component of inbound sales strategy and analysis. Where your aim is to maximize steady and consistent growth. for that, you must utilize google analytics which gives the best concrete idea of which keywords are benefiting your business the most.


1) Use Cross-Linking Of Pages:

This is the most core technique for bringing the SEO rankings if you link your popular pages to keywords like “digital marketing” or “online marketing” you can start climbing the rankings though it takes time from six months to a year you rank well. Just think well a but your competitive keywords and make sure you link your page while using these keywords in your blogs and other famous articles.

2) Use Of Featured Snippets:

When you search for some things there are some search results that come in the form of pop up boxes with a quick answer this feature is called featured snippets. As a top SEO company in Delhi, we always try to maximize this feature so as to rank the websites fast and quick. to ensure that you must use your H1 tags to the fullest for eg if H1 tag is digital marketing? Right after that, you must explain digital marketing in a snippet. If you do that Google will detect your page and crawl it in a simpler way.

3) Title Tags Optimization:

Let’s take for a scenario you created an excellent piece of content and achieve the number one spot. And similarly, your competitors create a web page and rank on number 2 and their content isn’t that good. You frequently notice that people click on a 2nd rank more often as the 1st one then the problem is with the title tags. Title tags must well be optimized with keywords and must be catchy at first look to attract website traffic. To much overstuffing of keywords can in title tags make the quality of the tags poor.

4) Write Epic & Classy Content:

Being an SEO Agency In India it’s very much necessary to write good content for a web page or articles the minimum words for a blog or an article should be 2000+ if it is more than 4000+ then you have a great chance of increasing your keyword density. Higher the keyword density higher is the chance of website or blog rankings. The studies have revealed that webpages in the top 10 ranks at least have more than 2000 words. So if you write a detailed content there is a good possibility of driving good website traffic.

5) Using Videos In Landing Page:

If you are using videos in the landing page please make it sure you are transcribing them this process is very simple and reliable because this process helps in crawling the videos much faster thereby boosting your rank much faster and its a fact that transcribing the videos and keeping a video on the landing page boosts the conversion by 200%.

6) Optimize Images:

Another big technique to boost the SEO rankings is to optimize the images. Though it’s a little difficult to crawl the videos, google can crawl the images easily for that it’s a very good option to optimize the image with alt tags. Using log description tags and naming the description tags will play a great deal in boosting the SEO rankings.

7) Use Of A Mobile Friendly Landing Page:

A mobile-friendly landing page plays a key role in boosting the SEO rankings as more than 60% of the searches are being done through mobile. Try to design a website that serves both desktop and mobile devices such as websites which are both mobile and desktop-friendly are called responsive website design. For that, you need to select the right template.


As PPC brings ROI for the business same is the case with SEO if you follow the recent practices then you have a great chance of leveraging the ROI for your business. Use of advanced SEO tools, website auditing, and analysis plays a key role in enhancing the website rankings. Being the best SEO service provider in India we have achieved quality rankings for the websites in a limited time.